Product Description


Each 10ml Contains

  • Manda Ganasatwa equivalent to fungel Diastase activity 25 mg
  • Madhukarkati, Ghana satwa equivalent to proteolytic  activity of papin 20 mg
  • Zingiber officinale 50 mg
  • Tachyspermum ammi 150 mg
  • Cuminum cymini 200 mg
  • Piper lonum 250 mg
  • Terminalia chebula250 mg
  • Terminali belerica 250 mg
  • Emblica officinalis 25 mg
  • Piper Nirgum 50 mg Sugar Base syrup q.s.


  • Anorexia (Lack of appetite) Anorexia is a psycological condition where  patient does not want to take food. This condition is predomentally seen in young girls  who tend to avoid taking foods in fear of be coming bulky
  • To prevent drug -induced loss of appetite
  • Along with AntiT.B.drugs NSAIDS.Anti depressants etc
  • Loss of appetite due to indigestion,dyspepsia & other gastric ailments