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Today as a part of Globalization, the world is growing without any boundaries. With the aim to meet the global challenge. LEOSTAR has started export business to so many countries like Hong-Kong, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives, Philippines, Jamaica and planning to export to so many other countries. Presently LEOSTAR exporting a wide range of pharma products of different therapeutic segments. LEOSTAR has a wide range of 150 Generics in 250 dosage forms in different therapeutic ranges like, Anti-Inflammatory, Antipyretic & Analgesics , Antibiotics, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Cold & Cough Preparations, Multivitamin, Multimineral, Nutritional Supplements & Infertility Products, Haematinics, Calcium & Gynec Products, Gastro Intestinal Range Products, Injectable Range Products, Diabetic & Cardiac Products. Apart from tablets and capsules LEOSTAR has many advanced dosage forms like lyophilized injections, Micronised Soft Gelatin Capsules, Suppositories, Dry Powder Injections, Sachets and many other Natural Ayurvedic Products.

The Mission of LEOSTAR is to provide quality healthcare solutions world wide with motto of “A Promise for Health”